Aim Higher With These 5 Cannabis Products

  • Oct 25, 2023

Did you know the marijuana industry made $10.4 billion in sales in 2018? As more states legalize the recreational use of marijuana, the market is estimated to grow to $30 billion by 2023. The ever-growing marijuana market presents even more opportunities to promote your brand.  Here are our five cannabis products that will be a big hit (see what we did there?).

Wooden Dugout with Bat

Wooden Dugout

This four-inch herbal dugout smoking system is fashioned from solid wood with a dual-purpose twist top lid. One compartment contains the bat while the other stores your herbal material. These dugouts will impress at cannabis conventions and marijuana dispensaries. Display your brand or logo laser-engraved on the side of the dugout. 

Wooden Herb Grinder

This herb, spice, and cannabis grinder has a smooth, natural wooden exterior that is perfect for displaying laser-engraved logos. The grinder also features sharp, CNC grinder teeth on the inside. This high-quality product makes for a memorable handout or keepsake.

Rolling Paper

This unrefined, unbleached rice paper is made from natural Arabic gum and is perfect for packing cannabis. The container carrying this paper provides a clean space for you to print your logo. This product also includes 40 papers per booklet.

Cannabis Strain Tracker

This lighter provides cannabis users with a simple way to spark their products. Not only can your customers share the love, it's elegant design will bring plenty of attention to your brand. The smooth cover of this lighter also gives you plenty of space for a logo and message!

Child-Resistant Tube

The last thing you want is for your stash to get in the wrong hands. This packing tube is not only a convenient place to store your marijuana, but it also comes with a child-resistant lid. It’s also ideal for storing pre-rolled medicine. The rounded sides also provide a clean surface for you to showcase your brand and promote your message.

Want to find more products that capitalize on the marijuana industry? Contact us today for inspiration!

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