We Have High Hopes for These Cannabis-Themed Promotional Products

  • Mar 28, 2024

Recreational use of marijuana is being legalized in more and more states (right now we’re at 10 states plus DC). As the demand for cannabis-themed products becomes more popular, it’s important that we provide a selection of practical and enjoyable promotional products for the cannabis-enthusiast. Here are the pieces you need to make your cannabis company a big hit.


1. Grinder


Mother Earth does a lot of the hard work for us. She provides the ecosystem, the soil, etc. etc., to make sure that a plant can flourish. But when it comes time for your customers to partake in the byproduct of this arboreal success, Mother Nature is not going to do the grinding for them. Instead, you’ll want to have some branded grinders on hand. These colorful ones are cool because they draw the eye to your brand logo. 


2. Storage Bottle


With the legitimization of cannabis comes the legitimization of proper cannabis storage. Meaning, your customers can finally ditch the shoe box and the plastic zipper bag. Go for something like this child-proof protective tube and your customers will thank you for keeping things fresh.

3. Aluminum Pipe

In a sea of glass pipes, perhaps your business should set itself apart by having these killer aluminum pipes with your logo laser-engraved on them. Makes great promo gifts and when two or more people gather to partake of everyone’s favorite herbal remedy, your brand will be the one that delivers.

4. Multi-tool


Have you ever wondered what would happen if MacGyver was in a locked room with absolutely nothing and he wanted to smoke some marijuana? Well, he’d probably whip this little contraption up in about two minutes. This multi-tool has all of the tools for the hyper-focused smoker (a splitter, scooper, grinder, and more). Just add your branding and you are basically the MacGyver of cannabis. 

5. Lighter


Everyone needs a lighter when partaking in cannabis. Your customers will love sparking up with this amazing lighter. Your logo will go on the front and when they share with friends you will get some quality advertising time. Probably around 4:20pm. 

Looking for more promotional product ideas for admirers of Mary Jane? Let us know and we’ll help you find even more.





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